Hi, there. My name is Eno.

This is my own corner of the world wide web. And before you ask, no, this domain is not for sale. Here is some good advice on procuring domain names.


I spent more than a decade developing an expertise in two of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn, Chinese and Japanese, both modern and classical. During that time, I completed a Ph.D. with a focus on classical Japanese literature. You can find my dissertation here. Feel free to write me about it. I still love discussing linguistic and literary topics relating to Chinese or Japanese. Also, I will happily help you on your own journey learning the languages, or simply recommend things to read in either language even if you are just getting started.

Nowadays, I satisfy my craving for solving challenging problems working as a software engineer. I am drawn to the minimalism of Go and admire Swift, Elm, and Rust for their sophisticated and thoughtful borrowings. With a background in literature, I wish more software engineers would read The Elements of Style and take the underlying rigorous approach to heart in their thinking, software, and system design.

Current Projects

Right now, I work on the logging subsystem for Cloud Foundry, an open-source platform as a service many large companies use to make application development faster and simpler.

As a side project, I am publishing screencasts on building various systems from scratch in Go with a friend. The series is called Go Build It!.

Meanwhile, I maintain a blog on various interesting software-related things: Commander Coriander, a name found within the panels of a fine comic strip.


You can reach me at

If you enjoy using encryption, here is my public key. If you are unaware of public-key cryptography, here is a good place to start.